Inspired by patterns from centuries ago, this kilim pouf is rich in history, hand woven craftsmanship and traditional techniques that make this piece a unique addition to any room. In a fresh square shape, the Kilim Pouf is hand woven in the same pattern as our popular rug. Arrange a few around a coffee table for casual seating, or rest a tray on top and turn one into a temporary side table.
Offering a diverse and unrivalled selection of Kilim and other Flatwoven Rugs and Runners, this Collection will appeal to a wide audience. Famous for their rich colours, warm tones, and beautiful ethnic motifs, kilims embody a splendid mix of cultures: the Greeks, Romans, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrian and Turkic peoples have all contributed to kilim history.
The word 'kilim' describes a hand-woven rug with a smooth surface and no pile. Kilims are usually made from sheeps wool, with cotton sometimes used for the warp threads, and camel or goat hair used for joining pieces, and in bags where extra strength is needed. Each kilim is unique, even with new production, no two are identical. The same hands will always vary the pattern even without intention to do so.
The uses for kilims are as varied as your imagination; whatever your requirement may be, we can usually find something it an antique piece for the serious collector, a unique bedspread or tablecloth, or a simple rug to furnish your home, office or holiday cottage.
Our many years of experience in Kilim furniture are due to focus on quality, design, after sales and most important our consumers. We have been investing from a long time in customer satisfaction and keeping design as a focal point of every furniture piece we create.
Kilim Pouf is highly reputable company in India, with many success stories to talk about. We make beautiful authentic Kilim furniture beds, sofas, kid furniture and much more.
We cater to all international markets and our furniture is designed keeping in mind western tastes and desires. We have focus on innovations and technological developments, so that they can be incorporated in our designs. We document our production and quality and closely monitor it, so that we can better ourselves and be invested in design innovations.